Wednesday, May 2, 2012

There's just no pleasing me

It's too much, it's too little.
Like many others out there in the blogosphere, my job is feast or famine. At five or six points in my career, after months without a day off I've hit total burnout and seriously thought about just giving it up. I run into a problem though. I can't think of anything else I'd rather do.  Well I can, but I'm not willing to go back to the "lifestyle" I had at 23. Saltines and peanut butter are not a fave of mine for dinner anymore.
Today, I had zip to do at work.  My project is still viable, but in a holding pattern at the moment.  I feel like I've been in a waiting room all day.  All Day.  Allll freaking DAY.
So I find myself at the end of one of the lower stress days I've had in the last 30 years,

and I am dainbread.

I usually leave work late to let the traffic dissipate. Today, driving stop and go, bumper to bumper traffic was preferable to another minute at my desk. An hour and a half of s&g btb traffic. was your day?


  1. Sat at my computer all day and tried to get HEC-RAS to cooperate. It didn't. But it was nice after two tiring days outside in the sun.

    1. So, did your lily white Irish skin turn pink? :-)

    2. It was actually cloudy enough that I was fine! And dusty enough that I turned grimy.

      And, ooh, I get to go out again tomorrow!

  2. I machined half an AR15 receiver and didn't break anything. It was a good day.

    1. compared to your post from the other day, I'd say that was a marked improvement. Much less expensive as well.

  3. I am jealous of Theredneckengineer.

    For the past week I have been trying to fix a problem with a new application deployment.
    Between SQL Permisions, The Produciton server not behaving the same as test or QA environments. Missing Security Profile items, Missing App Security permissions. Along with a bug in the error logging so it doesn't give me the real error. I would trade for a day to breath in a second.
    On top of this I ran a D.R. failover drill this weekend.
    I need a vacation. At lease I have one scheduled for the first 3 days of next week. IF I can get this stuff fixed.

    Oh did I metion that I am also trying to figure out what on earth another employee doing work for he is doing with his invoicing calculation process on a different new system.

    If I have any hair left by the end of the week I will be surprised.

    1. oooh. Sequel Server Voo Doo. That's some bad juju rat thar. And you are all virtualized 'n stuff too.
      I suggest taking a 24" long breaker bar and just beating the living shit out of it.
      Then, get a new one.


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