Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Well, That's the most important thing

The Houston Comical is on a roll tonight. Providing copious blog fodder.

May this Father rest in peace knowing he saved his little girl.

God, I hope he knew his little girl was OK.

The Houston Comical reporter thought it important to note:

"A Fort Hood spokesman said Tuesday that the horse survived the accident."
Because of course, that is the most important thing...isn't it?
No name listed on the article, otherwise I'd be calling him / her / it out by name.
I'm going to go out in the backyard now and scream.



  1. Seems a strange thing to drown 10 ft from the shore...

  2. Not sure if he knew he saved her, but he did NOT die think he didn't do everything he could to save her.

  3. @Mark... it's very easy to drown that close to shore, expecially if there's a deep hole.


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