Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What, are you Rambo or something?

Why do you neeeed to carry a gun.  I mean really, if someone starts shooting in the mall are you going to go all Rambo and "Save the Day!"

It's highly unlikely. Unless you happen to be standing behind me when one of my loved ones, or myself is threatened.  Otherwise, you are on your own. If I wanted to be a cop, I would have been a cop.

I have a concealed carry weapon.  It is there in seconds when I need it.

You have the police.  They are there in minutes at best, just in nick of time to draw a chalk line around your corpse.

Well, if the shooter didn't have a 30 round clip and had to reload, "someone" would tackle him while he was reloading.

Someone?  Who?  You?
Well....."some....one" would.
Who? You?

This little contrived conversation was inspired by a discussion in an airport bar this evening.  I'm still trying to knock teh stupid out of my ears like swimming pool water.  I found myself in a simultaneous "discussion" about global worming and gun control on the opposite side of two fervent and woefully under-informed  true believers in both.  I was starkly reminded, like a brick to the forehead, that this country may very well be irreparably divided.   I call dibs on Texas, the deep south, and some of the fly-over states to be named at a later date.
East coast and left coast, you guys are on  your own.


  1. Amen,

    It's always good to talk to the other side and try to help them open their eyes. But be careful in doing so. Sometimes the stupid is contagious.

    1. There was no logic to the discussion whatsoever, and the smug was thick.
      It's going to be quite some time before I try to fix stupid again.

  2. Hey hey hey-
    Don't be stereotyping EastCoasters...
    Not everyone east of the Mississippi is in a New York state of mind.
    I will have to admit that SOUTHERN Florida is just New Jersey South... But do remember that Jacksonville is one of only two major cities that The Lightbringer didn't carry in 2012. (SLC Utah being the other).
    How'd Houston do?



    1. I've no idea if the Won carried Houston or not.
      Once the race was called, I focused on some serious beer drinking. It actually helped..for a little while.
      In the mind of kx59, Florida is part of the deep South. (can't get too much deeper than that frankly, geographically speaking). So no worries, you're in. ;)


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