Wednesday, July 25, 2012

0 for 2 on CHL fingerprints

Apparently I'm not living right.  Two weeks ago, I went to get my finger prints taken for my CHL.  The server at the finger print location was down that day.
So I call and wait forever on hold to reschedule.  Two weeks pass and I go, again, to get fingerprinted.
Upon my arrival, I'm told their scanner juuuust broke.

Time to find another location.


  1. I was able to do mine the old fashion way.
    What progress this is.
    Wonder who has a vested interest in these companies that made us switch.

  2. Just remember, a right delayed is a right denied; except when it has to do with firearms.

    Good luck. I'm betting there is going to be a sudden increase in the number of licenses sought and renewed. Might be in for a long wait for your renewal.


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