Thursday, July 12, 2012

Patently Racist

It couldn't be more obvious. Houston is a Sanctuary City after all.

Had it been one seat belt for four kids, I could understand, but three?

And, the driver, she's just an undocumented democrat voter worker from Mexico and they don't know the laws here, like when the light turns red you are supposed to Stop!

Oy Gevault.

I'm going out to the garage now to get my drill and 11/32" stainless bit to relieve the pressure in my brain pan so my head does not explode.
The way I feel right now, I might not even sterilize the bit.

As a postscript: I've driven in Mexico. There, traffic signs, lanes and laws are optional.


  1. Many moons ago, when my son was still in a HISD elementary school, I tried to be a good parent and help out the school by attempting to direct traffic on their circle driveway. I used to see lots of the Hispanic "Clown Cars" at the end of the day. Kids sitting of laps and standing up in the back of vans. Infnats were never in car seats. It was horrendous. I think the award winner was when a van pulled up...driven by a KID!!! He claimed to "no hablo Inglés," so I asked one of the bilingual teachers to question him. Turns out he was 12 and his poor mommy had a bad headache and could not be troubled to pick up her own kids. So she had given him the keys to go pick up his siblings from school. How precious is that?! The school did not want to get involved and there were no HISD cops around, so he went on his merry way. I took down the license number and turned the info into HPD. You can just imagine how far that went.


  2. First day in Guatemala I thought for sure we were all going to die. Then I realized that everybody drove the same way so they were used to the whole passing-while-going-around-hairpin-curve-and-leaning-on-horn thing so everybody compensated.


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