Monday, July 9, 2012

Overheard on the phone

Male friend:  I need to go to the sporting goods store and buy shoes.
Yours Truly:  Oh can I go with you? 
MF:  Why?
YT:  Well, while you are shopping for shoes, I can go to the gun counter and shop for guns and ammo, or the tackle isle and look for tackle for fishing this weekend!
MF:  Good god, why don't you just put a dress on me now!

Heh... some conversations are just priceless!


  1. I'm going to assume MF is not Kx.

    If MF is feeling a little inferior he could always boost his testosterone levels by going to the gun counter with you.

    1. LOL... no, MF is not Kx.... and he's really a manly-man.... but it was just hilarious the way the conversation unfolded. If he reads this, I'm dead meat though.....


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