Friday, July 20, 2012

Ruminations on IDPA

We had two new guys attend last night.  Nice not the be the FNG anymore.  Heh, me with all of 4 matches under my belt.
It is interesting to watch though. It was apparent these two guys had spent a fair amount of time shooting stationary targets at the range. This becomes readily apparent on the first target of their first stage.
Then everything goes to shit. Some of the scenarios are deceptively short and "simple". Some are long and more complicated.
New IDPA shooter just pegs the perfect Mozambique, two in the body, one in the head. Then.
It's time to move and perform another Mozambique with the three remaining rounds allowed to start the stage.  And then, the trouble comes. Time to drop the mag and reload...while on the move to "cover".
Fumble for the mag, move too fast and arrive at "cover" before you've shot the third target and instead of shooting it "on the move" you are now stationary because you have nowhere to else to go.
I saw the same light bulb illuminate  in those guy's heads last night that lit up in mine the first night.
Crap.  Seemed simple when the stage was described, but Shit, this is hard to do.
End of the night.  Man, that was fun. See you next week.


  1. Maybe one day you will see me there and can laugh at me. Cause I'm sure I will do the exact same thing.

    1. The only one I'll be laughing at, is me. I've shot targets out of sequence, had 7 loaded when it was supposed to be 6 (huh? quizzical dog look, why didn't my slide lock open?)
      It'd be great to see you there Teke.
      We really need to gin up mini-blogshoot.


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