Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good news!!!

I got a call today from the gun store and my Smith and Wesson Shield will be in sometime this week.  They predict Thursday....

I am sure that I will become what hubby calls a 'peepee dancer' when I'm at the counter picking her up.

Oh I can't wait....  in fact, truth be known, I did a mild peepee dance in my chair today when the store owner called me.

I hope it comes in Thursday so I can haul ass to the range and give her a whirl before IDPA.....      


  1. I'm hoping you'll be so gracious as to let me put some lead through it come September? Been thinking of picking one up, myself.

  2. Looking around for the September Sign up list; cause I wouldn't mind putting a round or two through it.

    Can't wait to see all the new toys people are bringing (eyeing TRE vault) :)

      Bob S., I have no idea what you're talking about!

    2. you're going by Walmart to pick up a .50 on the way to the shoot right TRE?

    3. Unfortunately, my local War Mart does not sell .50 BMG ammo or rifles, though I wish they did.

      I do, however, have some .50 ammo on order for the occasion. Don't forget to take pictures of Belle shooting it this time. =)

      For the record, I don't have a "vault".


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