Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Commentary on Wolves, Sheep and Sheepdogs....

Yesterday I posted up a link to an article on another blog that I found to be highly insightful and not to mention very well written.

The author was correct in that we all fall, in some way or another, into one of those three categories.

For most of my life, I think that while I had a bit of sheepdog in me, I was always really a sheep.  I went through my daily routine, never really considering that some day, it could be me on the news.  It could be me who was robbed at gunpoint, or randomly assaulted or kidnapped or car jacked... 

No, I was quite happy in my own little carefree world.  Quite frankly, it wasn't necessarily that I was in denial that these things didn't really happen, I just never really thought it would start happening so close to home.

I lived in a quiet little suburb where nothing really bad ever happened.  We didn't have drive by shootings, no one was ever kidnapped or robbed.  Sure there was crime, but really for the most part, you just didn't worry about walking down the street late at night.

So, yes I was a sheep, never really worrying about anything because, after all..    it wouldn't happen to me... not in my neighborhood.

The article about Wolves, Sheep and Sheepdogs, referred to the Sheepdogs mainly as our Military, Police and other emergency responders; however, I don't believe that's all the author meant.  I believe that he also meant the average private citizen who decides to take responsiblity for his or her own self defense and the defense of others in his immediate care and/or surroundings.  He was referring to the average person who will not be victimized and who will not allow a bully with a gun (or some other inanimate object) victimize those around him.  The average person who is willing to fight but also, the average person who knows when it's time to just be a good witness.

So all of that said, when exactly was it that I decided to pull my snout out of the grass and stop saying "Baa" and become a sheepdog?

My answer is really not that simple.  I have slowly gotten here.  Step by step I have morphed from a mere sheep to a woman who will stand and defend herself and those around her, as long as she can do it without putting innocent people in harm's way.

I know that finding my way to the gun blogging community has really opened my eyes about self defense and firearms in general.  Oh I've never been afraid of guns, in fact, I've always liked to shoot, but I just never dreamed that I would ever carry one for self defense. I never dreamed that I would feel that I needed to carry.

So what exactly is it that changed?  My surroundings most certainly changed.  My quiet little suburb has now grown up and the crime has come with the growth.  Also, I think that I am just more aware.  Over the years, I've become more aware of issues that we face today.  I've become more aware of how life often turns on a dime and I've learned that despite the efforts of those who are sworn to serve and protect; by the time they arrive on the scene, it's an investigation rather than trying to stop the crime that took place.

So yes, there are wolves out there who are waiting to prey upon the sheep.  This fact of life I've known since I was a young teenager.  What I never dreamed is that there would come a day that the wolves would move into my neighborhood, and the sheep would either not notice, not care, or simply deny the fact that a wolf is a wolf and the type of tool he is using is immaterial.  The wolf will always be a wolf and an inanimate object neither changes, nor does it make that fact more true.

So what I do is look, listen and most of all, I learn.  I decided that I would not deny the facts of life, nor would I just sit and wait for something bad to happen.  I practice, I train, I take classes when they are available to me so that should the need arrive where I need to be that sheepdog, I can do so skillfully and safely.

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