Thursday, July 19, 2012


Not the long running TV Western with Marshal Matt Dillon,....Me.
I smell like it.  Belle and I went to our IDPA club shoot tonight. Neither of us has pulled  a trigger in the last three weeks.  My first stage was major suckage. Six targets, one round in each using both hands, then one round in each using the strong hand only, then one round in each using the weak hand only.
I kept pushing the trigger (and anticipating the recoil most likely) shooting low and left.  Second pass with the strong hand actually went better.  Shooting left handed, working the targets from left to right, I completely missed the first two and managed to dial it in closer to center by the sixth target.
One of the stages tonight, had a swinging target behind a plastic barrel, not a suspended target - think metronome.
I managed to plug it while it exposed on the left side of the barrel and moved my sight picture to the right of the barrel in anticipation. I thought I nailed it dead center and moved on to the next.
When it was all said and done I had two nicely placed holes in the swinging target but was called on a procedural. Seems I shot the target through the barrel.  When I heard that said, I looked back at the barrel, "yep, that hole wasn't there when I started."
Note to self:  Plastic barrels are concealment, not cover.

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