Monday, July 16, 2012

Hey, Obama...

occupy Resolute Desk - barack obama

Sorry champ, you are confused. That's how you got to where you are.
Pissed sums it up with a bit of snarky humor.  As I type, I'm dropping a case of Tums in the snail mail to help him counteract the acid reflux.
Which of my employees was it again that took the risk, and worked for years for next to nothing to start this company? Oh, of course Jane, the receptionist with 5 lbs. of facial piercings, and three kids from five different Baby Daddies.

Sad thing is, almost half the population out there agrees with his opinion.  
It's a Cold Civil War.
I was going to post every epithet I could think of in one long run on sentence with no spaces, punctuation or line spaces, but this one will do for that, seeing as the three letter agency spooks are probably already monitoring the BAR blog.
Hi Guys! 

P.S. Romney is hardly my first choice, but Obama has to go.


  1. Arrogance and ignorance at a breathtaking level.

  2. Thanks kx :) Glad you enjoyed my little rant.


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