Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's been a Bad Day for Computers

Question: Who would write software that produces copious log files, that appears to have no means to purge said log files?
Answer:  Microsoft.
More specifically, The Microsoft Exchange development team.
Eventually, the hard drive completely fills up and the email server arrives at the point of fuckitIquit.
If your third party backup software is functioning correctly, it clears the log files. (why do I need a third party application to clear log files?)
So the email at work puked its guts last night.  If I wasn't the lightning rod for this event, I'd have been quite amused today.  I haven't seen this much "I have to pee pee" dancing and hand wringing in quite a while.

kx59:  "Yes, I know, the email is not working.  Do you have a personal email account you can use while we work on getting this back up and running?"
peepeedancer:  "No"
kx59: "NO?"
peepeedancer:  "No"
kx59: "Really?"
peepeedancer: "No."
kx59: "K, if you go to google you can create a free gmail account in 5 minutes or so. Do that. This may take a while."

So after working with outsource IT guy for a few hours, the email is back up and running, just in time for me to leave early to go get fingerprinted.

For my CHL.

I arrive at the rundown electronic fingerprint location for my scheduled appointment a few minutes early and walk up to the receptionist's window.  No humanoid is present.  So I occupy the window and wait.
Finally underpaid receptionist arrives to inform me that their fingerprint server died of electronic bloody flux and, "You weren't notified by a phone call or email?"
Well of course I was.  I just left work early and drove way the fuck over here so I could stand at your receptionist's window for 15 minutes until you came back from your potty break and look really irritated at you!
Now my day is complete.


  1. OK, I know that your day sucked and all, but this post made me LOL.

    1. comedy and tragedy are close cousins...


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