Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Welcome All You Foreigners From Other Lands!

(stole Jeff  Foxworthy's line)
I'm seeing a lot of out of state license plates here recently; Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, New Yowk, Kalifornia.  If these are tourists, they have terrible taste in tourist destinations. The site where AstroWorld used to be has been scraped clean and had time to grow a bumper crop of weeds, and the Astrodome has been boarded up.  We don't have much touristy goodness in Houston.  We do have jobs however.
So I'm guessing these are recent transplants.
I know every other vehicle is a big 4x4 pickup with massive tires and it's wigging you out to see nothing but grill in your rear view mirror, but if you'll put your foot on the other pedal and EFFING GO, you won't have that problem.
The dude in the truck can see over you and he knows there's nothing but open road in front of you and the lady from Minnesota driving right next to you. So a helpful pointer.  Open road means the speed limit is "get the hell out the way".  If ya'll are going to "bunch up", do it in one lane.

"I don't always drive a truck, but when I do, I drive like an asshole."

PS. I hope all ya'll left your progressive politics at the border.


  1. Amen, Amen, Amen, and...Amen. Nice quote by the way.

  2. One other note.
    Don't panic that the car that was 2 lanes to the left a second ago is now on your right. Get used to it.
    When driving in H'town traffic there is one thing that is certain. We change lanes. ALOT!

    P.S. and yes we did make sure there was room before we squeezed between your pokey but and the car in front of you. There was plenty of it. At least an inch in front and back of us as we pass through. No need to slam on the brakes and cause a pile up. :)


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