Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thuh 'Lympics

Yep, we're watching.
It doesn't quite have the "Us" versus "Them" national undercurrent to it that it did when I was a wee lad in the cold war '60's.
Now I see youngsters performing feats of athletic ability that cause momentary muscle sprains when I just think about them.

Balance beam.  The only thought that comes to mind is, "Mmmphh, I think my eyes are crying blood...no children"

Blessed darkness.


  1. Yeah..
    I've been watching the competition at Women's gymnastics and diving...
    As I watch, occasionally slapping myself in the face and wiping the drool off my chin, the other guys in the office hear either a JayneCobb-esque "Mmmmmm. I'll be in my bunk" or even worse, as I notice the age of the competitors, I utter the phrase: "Oh, Ghod... I'm going straight to hell."

    There is hope for me, however-
    I have a stalker here in London - One of the runners/interns (in her early 20's) from the tape library is suspiciously on the same bus every night night and morning, and just happens to be heading to the commissary at the same time I go... Very bubbly & chatty and oh so interested in what I do and where I'm from, and what am I doing later tonight when we get back to the hotel.
    I finally told her on the way home last night as she asked point-blank if I'd go with her to have a drink-
    Honey- That would be wonderful, but I'm a bitter old man. I'm tired and my feet hurt and although I would enjoy have an adult beverage with you, I have a feeling such an evening would only end in tears... Yours from disappointment and disillusionment, and mine from pepper spray.

    Ghod, I seem to be developing a sense of guilt and a conscience.

  2. Watching Wimmins Beach Volleyball right now...
    SUI vs RUS.
    Not feeling like quite so much of a perv right now.


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