Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time to start calling your US Senators!!!

Well, the Lee's Summit Conservative brings cheerful news regarding a UN Treaty that is on the table this month that will completely defy the 2nd Amendment and basically render it null and void.

The LSC correctly points out in his article that in our own Constitution that it states that treaties are the law of the land.

I hope that our Senators are not stupid enough to approve this treaty, but what I want to know is why we aren't hearing anything about this from anyone?  Not even the NRA??

The one thing that helps prevent foreign countries from invading our shores is the knowledge that we, the people are armed and willing to fight for our freedom.  It seems to me, that is motive enough for the UN to want to pass this garbage of a Treaty and would want the US on board.

Go give the article a read and leave LSC some commenty goodness.


  1. The NRA has been doing daily coverage of the proceedings via YouTube, and used the threat of the treaty in one of more recent fundraising snail-mail campaigns.

    There are several Supreme Court precedents that make it clear even a treaty does not supercede the Constitution.

    It takes 67 Senators to confirm a treaty; last year 58 sent a letter to Obama stating they would never sign such a treaty.

    1. Well thank goodness!

      Thank you for commenting and reading!! I assume you have a blog so I will find it and give you a look-see!


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