Thursday, July 26, 2012

didn't these guys ever see the movie Poltergeist?

Mark my words, that section of road will be Cursed!

On a less superstitious note: It's kind of interesting actually. They found human bones dating back 2000 years just 24" under the surface.  Road construction's going to be delayed for a bit while the archaeologists do their thing.


  1. So... construction will be delayed, and traffic in Houston is going to be screwed up? At least this time there is a reason.

  2. This loop is soo large I don't see going around saving much time if you use it.
    On another note Houston's traffic is so screwed fixing it screws it more.

    1. True enough. I wouldn't mind having a better North - south path from 59 to 290 than Barker Cypress or Fry Road though


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