Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Have a Hat!

A souvenir from Mexico. A three dollar hat for which I paid too much. But, I like it, and I look just like Clint Eastwood in it.
In the mirror.
When I'm alone.
Apparently (have you noticed how that is my favorite blog word?),  I did not buy enough souvenirs while on vacation in Mehico.
Ship spider was not amused and decided to express his displeasure in the last two hours of our arrival back in to Galveston.
Funny thing about spider bites, you never feel them and are unaware until a swollen spot shows up just above your collar bone the size of an egg.
I digress.
So Ship spider gave me a parting souvenir.
Ship spider got me on the back of my left thumb between the first and second joints. Noticing that I took no notice, Ship spider jumped to my left index finger and bit me between the first and second joints.
Apparently, spiders can only count to two.
Ship spider narrowly missed a vein on both digits.
Infection set in rapidly. A bit of quick field surgery abated the spread, breaking the blisters and removing the puss with a paper towel.  Copious Neosporen followed in short order.
The BAR medical staff has been closely monitoring the two bite sites, watching for red streaks headed north. It's been most annoying, " let me see your hand, let me see your hand, how's your hand?"
 Like every thirty minutes.  Especially the head of the BAR medical team. I am so going to fire that guy after I get over this.
The infection appears to be abated. Now the bite sites are down to the itchy as f**k stage.
Then, the skin will fall off and I'll put a bandaid on it.

You just never know where my posts will go...do you?


  1. Ick. I had a bite whose source I never determined take out my hand for 6 weeks once - swelled up like a balloon. If I had figured out who the culprit was I would have squished him in revenge.

  2. How's your hand?

    BAR Med Team Assistant

  3. huh...

    Got a picture of the hat?


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