Monday, July 30, 2012


I mean, "Mouse!"
Sitting here catching up on blog reading last night, in my peripheral vision, I see something skitter in to  the pantry in the kitchen.
I thought I was imagining things until the cat went into full predator stalking mode and parked herself at the pantry door.
The cat has the attention span of a fish. There wasn't much hope of her catching it while we were at work today.
So I've got a mousetrap set in the pantry with the door closed so current dog and half-wit cat don't get their nose snapped.
I remember, from when I was a wee lad,  my Dad using sugar coated gum drops for bait. I'd heard peanut butter works well, so I'm trying that.
Better ideas will be most welcome.


  1. +1 on the peanut butter. We catch lots like that. The only problem with it is that the ants run off with the bait when you put the trap outside, usually within a day.

  2. I use peanut butter on the rare occasion one gets away from the cats often enough to become annoying.

  3. Pellet gun.
    I'd a Spitz-mix who was a great mouser, too!

  4. Crafty little bugger. Got most of the peanut butter, tripped the trap and got away. Well, at least I know the cat still has him holed up in the pantry.

  5. The ones I remember were cheerios. The rat was a piece or McD's sausage.
    Figured if the trap didn't get him the grease would cause a heart attack.

  6. I've had good luck putting PB on a bit of bread and molding it around the trigger.
    The bread kind of cements it on, and the mouse has to work to get it off.

  7. Got him on the second attempt. -set the trap with more of a "hair trigger"
    The peanut butter must be irresistible. That was one big field mouse, which begs the question, "just how long has mr. mouse been in my house?"


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