Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monsoon Schmonsoon

I keep running across stuff all over the intertubes about Monsoon season in Arizona, such as:

In Phoenix, normal rainfall during July, August and September is 2.65 inches.
The wettest monsoon occurred in 1984 when we had 9.38 inches of rain.

I'm not sure if that's 2.65 inches total for the three months, or 2.65 inches per month...still doesn't add up to much.  9.8 inches of rain is admirable, but pales in comparison when you consider that Teke's environs accumulated just shy of 11" of rain over the lengthy period of...
last Thursday.

Teke has some cheery musings on the state of the Nation's infrastructure. Stop by and say "hi!". Bring your own canned goods.  An inflatable kayak might not be a bad idea either.

I'm going to have to polish up my rain dancing skills. We only managed to gin up 6" last Thursday, and we are just on the other side of the worst freeway in Texas from Teke.

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  1. Yearly average here is under 10 inches, but this year we're set to hit about half of that. Considering that when we get all of .2 inches over the course of the day the gutters in some places (which don't get nearly the workout they need to wash out the trash and such) backup something fierce, I don't even know what would happen if we got 9 inches in a day. The town would probably wash away down the river...


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