Saturday, July 14, 2012


No shooty goodness today.  Neither Belle or I have pullled a trigger in the past three weeks. So we thought we'd do our Saturday date routine, get some lunch and shuffle on over to Shiloh Shooting range.
It took a few detours to get around the high water from this past week's rains. Lot's of road closures even though it hasn't rained much in the past 24 hours.
 (it's looking like that will be made up for in short order)

Before I could even load up my spare mags, the power went out at the shooting range.
Well, there's always tomorrow.


  1. I had planned on taking only son to Hot Wells on Fri for his turn with their .22.

    It was a no go.
    Swimming to the shooting station was too advanced of tactic for his skill level. Plus those pesky targets don't hold up well to water.

  2. Rain gage station not too far from there recorded around 11" of rain.

  3. Save your ammo.
    September is coming......:)

  4. My over sized rain gauge behind the house went up 6ft. It was back down by Sat morning.


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