Thursday, July 12, 2012

So What If???

What if the Senate were to ratify an Arms Treaty that would prevent guns to be sold to private citizens?

Well aside from committing political suicide, yes it would be awful and  a slap in the face of our Founding Fathers' intent.

Now, take this a little further.  What if the US once all the asswipes who voted to actually ratify that treaty were voted out of office, were to just ignore said treaty and give the UN the finger?

Ah.. now that would be sweet indeed.  I picture it to look like this:

US defies treaty and tells the UN to go fuck itself.

UN threatens to impose sanctions on the US if the US doesn't abide by the treaty!

Wow!  What a blessing THAT would be!  That would mean that no one could trade with the US... so we start drilling for our own oil, manufacturing our own goods, and of course, no one would be allowed to accept foreign aid of any kind from us....  soooo....   we bring home all our troops and all monetary aid ceases.  What an economy booster.

Hey, that sounds like a plan!  Although, I may say that, but in reality, I really don't want that treaty in place at all.

Scary times folks.


  1. I was talking about that yesterday.

    I think there is a growing groundswell of disgust with the U.N.

    What would really be nice to see. These treaties by make it sooner than later. Would be for the U.S. to vote to stop funding the U.N., Stop providing the foreign aid, and make the U.N. Pay rent to stay in that building on U.S. Soil.

    What would be even better would be to see that annoying statue of a twisted gun melted and made into real arms (Maybe Liberator pistols). That this shows exactly what they are really about.

    Maybe soon a president could run with that as a primary tenant of his platform and win.

  2. Err, we'd exercise our veto against the sanctions?

    1. Well, of course we would. That's just the progressive, loving and nurturing kind of country we are. Let's all join hands and sing the Coke song now.


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