Thursday, July 12, 2012


Looks like the Dallas Area Blog Shoot II is shaping up nicely.
Thanks to Bob S. and The Redneck Engineer for their co-community organizing efforts.


  1. I'll be glad to see y'all again at the DABII, it's promising to be a real blast!

    We may or may not have as big of a crowd as last time, but it's gonna be fun either way.

    1. Oh I can't wait! We are definately going to bring our daughter if she can come with us that weekend. She's 19 and I have started teaching her to shoot.

      Very exciting stuff!

    2. It could just be the four of us and I'd be just fine with that, but I think there will be more. Nick the blogless gave the high sign, we're bringing reinforcements with us and Aretae out of San Antone has expressed interest. Zuit Suit David (Scribbler) was going to try to make it and mentioned he might bring his Dad.
      We've extended an invitation to the Lee's County Conservative, although that might be a stretch given he's in Missouri. (He has family in Dallas though) So we'll see.
      No matter what, It's going to be fun!

    3. I'm pretty sure David will be there, as long as I provide transportation. =)

      I predict it will be fun, of course!

      Now, where did I put that 20mm ammo????

    4. Kx... that's the Lee's Summit Conservative... not Lee's County.. lol

  2. crikey, how could I forget. The Big Guy was hoping to be back from London to make DAB II as well.
    He'll be coming out of the hanging chad state.


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