Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Brand New Year

I wanted to take the time to wish everyone a happy and blessed New Year.

I've been rather quiet on the blog lately as I've just taken the time to wind down from last year so that I can have a renewed energy in the New Year.

A new year where I can have real hope and change that the puppet in chief will be voted out of office!

Last year was pretty decent considering that I left one job and found a better one and that I have yet another wedding anniversary under my belt, proving that my better half and I have and will withstand the test of time.

Life has been pretty good to me this year.

Do I have any resolutions?  Why yes I do.

First on the list is to really give up darts so that I can put down the cigarettes once and for all.
Second is to work hard at losing the extra pounds that I'm carrying.
Third is to begin my tactical training as soon as this dart season is over so that I'm not putting anyone in danger, should I have to draw my weapon to defend my life.

Speaking of CHL............   I checked the status on my CHL application and it says, "mailed".  I will be checking the mail box every day until it arrives.

Yep, life is pretty darn good.

All in all, I want to again wish you all a happy new year and thank you all for reading.

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