Thursday, January 26, 2012

Too Smart For Her Own Good........

Yes, I'm talking about my oldest granddaughter, Scooter.

Scooter is in kindergarten and she was recently tested for the gifted and talented program (Horizons) at her school.

She went through a series of tests over several days.  I have a feeling that she probably did pretty well because she is really a very smart child.  Her vocabulary has always been way advanced, when she was two, she used big words like 'exactly' or 'practically' or 'particularly'.  Also she understands the concepts of math, and she has a very good sense of humor.

After the tests were finished, her mother asked her how they went.  This was how the conversation went:

Mommy:  Scooter, how did the test go?
Scooter:   Fine.
Mommy:  Just fine?  Was it hard?
Scooter:   (eyes rolling)  No mom, it was easy.  It's not rocket science you know!

She is just too funny sometimes.

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