Thursday, January 5, 2012

Woo Hoo! new record!

California is noted for massive car pile ups. I've driven that traffic, but that's another post.  Some years back we had a bank of fog on a Saturday morning sitting over the South 610 loop. The "accident" got little news coverage. The beauty of it's symmetry caught my eye. Two people, headed in exactly opposite directions on a freeway divided by a concrete barrier both did something stupid in the fog, almost simultaneously. Each managed to cause a 35 car pile up on their respective side of the freeway, for a total of 70 vehicles involved in the accident.
Beaumont, Texas today trumps that record with a 79 car incident involving 22 separate accidents on one side of the freeway.  Using fog and throwing in a little smoke from a nearby fire, they managed to best the South 610 loop incident and break it up into a nail biter of a wreck.
Kudos Beaumont!
snark meter just pegged.

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