Saturday, January 7, 2012

Texans in the playoffs

I'm watching the pre-game show.  Fair weather fan here. Well, actually not a fan of professional sports at all.  Really?  It's a wonderful word. It sums up my reaction to all the commentators for sports events, or sports shows. They speak with such conviction, as if any of that mattered whatsoever.
Do or Die, It's the end of the world, If they don't manage to, if such and such team wins (loses) they won't make it, it's a nail biter, oh the suspense.
In my opinion, football games could be boiled down to two minutes. No need for star quarterbacks, or star receivers and the heroic game turning pass.
Call out the special teams for a two minute drill, no huddles. More often than not, the game is decided in the last two minutes.
As I've noted before, I am missing the Vicarious Thrill Pro Sports gene.
Quiet down back there! I'm trying to watch the game.


  1. My reaction to commentators is like commercials. I have a unique ability to tune them out. I used to be a football freak. Now I enjoy the playoffs and the superbowl. Then on to the next latest and greatest something.

  2. I must admit I was attached to the TV all weekend, and will be through tonight then free until saturday.
    I am a football fanatic by no means. I could care less about stats. But I love watching my teams play, and enjoy the playoff season.
    Texans, Saints, Tonight LSU.

    I have to admit I left early from watching my favorite pro Team win to take a good friend out for his 40th.


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