Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Musings and questions on Ammunition

Belle has her 9mm XDM.  Once we recover from this semester's college tuition and a down payment on a new car, I'll be looking to get a pistol as well. Most likely I'll get a 9mm.  Mostly from an economic standpoint. One caliber, bought in bulk for the two of us.   The other thing on my bucket list is a really badass Evil Black Rifle.  Bluesun bought a wicked looking .308 (I think it was) not too long ago, which elicited an almost inaudible "oooooooh, waaant!" from kx59. (geez, so many posts, where they heck is that?  oh, finally, there it is.)
But my mind runs to economy and availability.  I want a caliber, with which, I can go to the range, fire many many rounds and not walk away with acid reflux each time I go.  Practice makes perfect.
So, what's the most economical caliber with midlin range and stopping power?
Another stray thought that has been bouncing around my brain, where rifles are concerned, is; if the shinola were to totally hit the fan, as in zombie apocalypse, what would be the most ubiquitous rifle caliber that could be scrounged?


  1. I wanted something that could be my "Beware the man with one rifle, for he knows how to use it" gun, but I still wanted something that could be decked out in many different ways--I believe the term is "man barbie." A regular AR-15 (.223/5.56) didn't have the oomph if I, say, wanted to go hunting, or wanted to get in to longer range shooting. .308 seems (to me, anyway) to be the best in the "general use" category, with wide selection of ammo choices (even military surplus, if you care to look) and well known ballistics. So I went with the Bushmaster .308 (though there are plenty of other makers of 30 caliber AR-styles).

    If you wanted to go more the SHTF rifle, maybe something like an AK? Their ammo is pretty darn cheap and all, and they don't take much maintenance. Or a Mosin Nagant... though scrounging in America, the .223 would be pretty much at the top of the list, I think.

    Oh, and sorry about the post numbers... already to 59, and the month's only half over--I should probably come up with more labels to organize things better...

  2. I second the .223 suggestion...

    And the much-maligned poodle-shooter has plenty of punch.
    Yeah- stuff that begins with .3 is a show-stopper, but a carefully aimed AR will definitely put down anything short of a Kodiak or a Rhino with a charge card.

    Availability of rounds is a major issue- both for stockpiling and practice... Price out 500rds of .3XX and then the same in .223.

    And in regards to an EBR- the lower can be the basis of several weapons... You can have a plenitude of uppers: 26" heavies, 16" carbines, or even a crossbow, or the one on the top of my drool-want-drool list, a bolt-action .338 Lapua.
    Reach out and touch someone:


  3. Just checked prices. .308 is twice the cost of .223

  4. Although the .308 is my valentine, I agree with the .223 being more available and less pricey. A well placed .223 will put down anything we have running the woods around here.

  5. Well, like I said, it kinda depends on what you want to do with it.

  6. Find a source, such as military surplus ammunition, where you can get replacement stocks easily of the same ammunition so you don't end up switching types and having to head down to the target range to sight in the new ammunition. hatsan hand pump


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