Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Music to my ears........

Imagine my wonderful surprise when I looked at the blog this morning to find that my hubby is going to be buying a new gun as soon as he recovers from the massive amount of cash we dropped for the kids' tuition and his new car.

Personally, I want to start hitting gun shows because I am on a quest to find a cheaply priced Mosin Nagant that fires the same rounds as my Tokorev.  Mosins are a dime a dozen and so they typically cost around $100 for one in good condition.

With a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye, the thought of my dearest buying a pistol for himself and to top it off with wanting to possibly buy an AR-15?  It just gives me a nice, warm fuzzy feeling inside.


  1. If you already have a Tokarev SVT-40 in 7.62 x 54 you will probably be disappointed In a Mosin Nagant. I know I picked up a Tokarev pistol, but the 7.62 x 25 cartridges were hard to come by.

  2. Better to wait for a 'quality' EBR, as an AR-15, than to run out and get a MN.
    Just my humble opinion.

  3. Yes I have the Tokorev SVT40 and I love her. Great gun and it fires wonderfully. you're probably right that I might be disappointed in the MN but I still want one none the less.
    @ Guffaw, the EBR is defininately on the wish list, if I happen across a good deal on the MN will pick one up.


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