Saturday, January 21, 2012


After 15 years, KX59 finally got a new car.

He was well over due. Be sure to stop in and tell him congrats!

It's a nice little Scion tC, black with a charcoal gray interior, fully loaded.

I'm envious, but he deserves it.


  1. Cool.

    Just needs dog hair on the seats now. :-)

  2. And after umpteen inland on a car, justifying a little bit more for a gun or two is easy!

  3. Blogger is messing with me lately. Doesn't give me a PLACE to comment half the time. But I've found a loop hole. If there is already at least one comment and I click on 'reply' under that that comment, a link to 'add a comment' appears ever so briefly. If I'm quick, I can post my own comment!

    All that to say, CONGRATULATIONS, KX59! Keep under the radar and between the lines and above all, enjoy your new ride!

    : )

    1. @ HossBoss Ah the reply thing works great!
      @TBG, I'm sure that he will post up pics soon.
      @ML unfortunately, our dog is a little poodle, she doesn't shed which is actually fortunate.
      @Bluesun.... that's a very good point, I'll work on getting him to do just that.. :)


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