Monday, January 9, 2012

Prayer Answered

"More, faster please, Amen."
Rained all day today. I haven't seen the totals yet, but it was good. Started at about 2am and woke my tired ass up.
Flooded around where I work, so I heard.
I wasn't there.
Took the second oldest girl child to get her wisdom teeth yanked this morning. Been riding herd over her recovery and working remotely.
Sun's trying to come out again. Not a bad day. Amazing what a child will admit to you while under the influence of heavy pain killers. :-)
I'm joking actually. She was a hurtin puppy, but never did get totally looped on the meds.
When I got mine out at the age of 20, I lost a good 48 hours stoned out of my mind on percodine (spelling?).  Bottom two came out in 6 pieces each. Not pretty. Only one of hers had to be split.
I've been joking with her about how I'm going to post up pics of her teeth, which she elected to keep.
Pretty gnarley. Her comment when she opened up the little plastic container earlier was, "Oohh, there's still drool on them."
We've had an interesting and informative conversation over the course of the day. One thing, which surprised me, is that when asked, she expressed an interest in shooting the guns.


  1. My rain gauge read 3 1/2" at 6 this evening. That's in Pinehurst. Once a week for would fix us up pretty fair. I still have my wisdom teeth. Sure hasn't helped much.

    It's always cool when they get that interest to shoot.

  2. That should read once a week for 6 weeks.

  3. I didn't realize you're in Pinehurst. You're just a stone's throw away from us.


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