Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Calling Computer Geeks, Linux question

I am wondering if any of my blog buds out there who knows anything about Linux Ubuntu can answer a question for me.

If someone has upgraded from Ubuntu 11.04 to the new 'buggie' Ubuntu 11.10 but 11.10 is not running right and is screwing up other programs, is it possible to get rid of the upgrade and roll it back to 11.04?

If so, how?



  1. I'm the worst sysadmin in the world, so I'm the wrong guy to ask. I back up my home directory, nuke everything from orbit, and reinstall, dropping the home directory back from USB. If I don't like that version, I lather, rinse, and repeat.

    I used to dig the power geek thing, and then found that I had better things to do (*cough* blog *cough)

    ASM826 is someone to ping on this.

  2. boy I'm glad I haven't "upgraded" to 11.10 yet. I think it might have been ASM826's blog where I saw 11.10 was buggy just in the nick of time.
    Belle is trying to help out a friend of hers.

  3. Using my amazing sysad powers (Google search), there is no clean roll-back mechanism. Borepatch's approach is sound:
    * back-up necessary files (when in doubt, all) under /home/[user] for each meaningful user of the system
    * re-install 11.04 from CD/DVD/whatever
    * move the items back into /home

    There will be a few hiccups likely (possible getting the email program to recognize the old mail archives, etc). The good news -- this is the same process mostly to be used to move old files to a new system, sometime in the future.


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