Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dead Goblin..or Something

Or perhaps, memory associations would be a better title.
Came to the turning point on some work I was doing today and decided to take a break. Hit the BAR blog to find this: Home Invader Fatally Shot, Police Say in the right sidebar news feed. Fresh kill, so I'm thinking perhaps an email contribution to Jay G's Dead Goblin Count.
So, I go and read and find that this occurred in South Houston. Not a great part of town anymore, thinks I, and not surprising.  As I read the short news story, it becomes apparent that this is not  DGC material. It is more likely Goblin on Goblin action. Extrapolating from the scanty reporting, it appears much brass was emptied with only the "bad guy" arriving at room temp.
I became curious about the specific location so I hit google maps. The very first thing that caught my eye was "Sunbeam Street". Then I saw South Park, and Martin Luther King Blvd, which in the first decade of my life was also part of South Park Blvd.
Turns out, the location of this "eating of their own" event is not far from where I lived as a child until 1969.
Really, the only reason I posted this at all is because not two days ago I was musing about the first house I could remember as a child. I can still recall the address. I couldn't really recall which part of town it was in so I started googling, and eventually found it, complete with satellite view.
$13,500 was the price on that first house my parents bought right after the return from Dad's 6 year stint in the Air Force. You could buy a VW Beetle for a dollar a pound back then.  We moved out as part of the demographic "white flight" in '69 or so.
Things have not  improved down there. I've not ever been back to that area. The one thing that hints of improvement is that "Sunbeam Road" is now named "Sunbeam Street", which leads me to believe that the dirt road that separated my neighborhood from the really creepy part of the neighborhood is now paved.

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