Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pistol Packing Round 2

Okay, I made it home from the office and thought that I would show off my new holster.

I wore my pistol all day to day and I find that at first, because of where I had it placed on my body, it caused the butt of the gun to poke into my ribs and was very uncomfortable. Once I found the right position for me, I found that it was not too uncomfortable. Naturally I know that I will have to get used to wearing it.

Here is a picture of my holster

What I love about this holster is that can be carried either IWB or OWB whichever you prefer.  Another thing that is very good is the fact that it's a nice snug fit on the gun and the trigger is inside the holster, which prevents a shooter from accidentally discharging his/her firearm when drawing.  Of course that doesn't mean they can't do that when holstering the weapon, but at least when they are taking it out, they are not likely to shoot themselves in the foot.

I really urge anyone out there who is looking for a holster to go to www.dragonleatherworks.com and order from there.  The customer service is fantastic, they actually answer your emails and the holster that I received was a perfect fit for my firearm and it's very well made.  Naturally it needs to be broken in, but that's something that time will take care of.

I did notice that this morning when I went to draw my pistol that it hard to get the gun out....  however, this afternoon when I got home, it was a little easier and that was just from wearing it all day today.  I figure it can only get better.

I can tell that I have a good product on my hands, though I'm not an expert on the subject, but I can tell when something is made well and with care.

My holster was also very reasonably priced, and no Dragon did not send this holster to me for free in exchange for this blog post.  He had no idea that I would be posting this, and he had no idea I was even a gun blogger until this morning when I emailed him to tell him thank you for the great service and pointed him to my blog.

In any case, I am very well pleased with my holster and I can't wait to start my tactical lessons in about 8 weeks.


  1. Nice holster. The previous advise is correct. It takes time for you, the belt, and the pistol to work together. There are no shortcuts to this. I have found many really weird supposed shortcuts to this on the Interwebz. They are all a pile of suck and fail.

    Nice holster! I hope you wear it well for many years.

    1. I wear mine around FOB Borepatch. It was a good fit from day 1 but think that the extra time getting used to it was important for the gun and holster but mostly for me.

      I love mine.

      And Dennis is good folks, and breathing free air in Tennessee now.

  2. I think whenever my BlackhawkTHHK-PHHT Askins holster wears out, I'm gonna get something from Dennis. All his stuff just looks so pretty and solid.

  3. I have two of his fugly holsters and I love them. Yes, he is great on customer service and always answered my e-mails promptly.

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