Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another Lady Shooter........

Yes, there is yet another new lady shooter who has had her first taste of shooty goodness and has all the enthusiasm of a small child!

Oh wait.......  she IS a small child.  Scooter, our oldest granddaughter, received a .22 rifle for her birthday from her daddy and she loves to shoot it!  She's 6 years old and I'm so glad that she will grow up knowing how to shoot.

However, there is a little bad to go with this....  I don't think that he's concentrating too much on safety, so not this coming Saturday, but the following Saturday, Scooter will be coming to the range with Kx and I and we will start her out with some basic safety stuff and of course let her shoot hubby's Ithica .22.

So, I'm thinking that at least once or twice a month, Nana (yours truly) will take her to the range to shoot, maybe she will get a .22 for Christmas to keep at Nana & Paw Paw's house......  ;-)


  1. Have you taker her to the range by the house?

    I have been a bad daddy. Santa brought my kids a .22 and I have yet to take them to use it.

    I have been hesitant to just take them over there. I have only been there a few times and only on the pistol range.

    How are they about young-uns 9&7 on the short rifle range. Also is it set up for bench rest only? What supplies besides safety gear should I expect to be bringing with me.

    I could go check it out by myself but feel like im cheating them if I take their gun without them for it's first time out.

    1. They are fine with little ones with adult supervision shooting at the range. As long as the rules of safety are followed.

      The rifle range is sitting only on the short range, which is probably good to get them started.

      Aside from safety gear, just water for them to drink and plenty of ammo.. :)

      I haven't taken her there yet, but I plan on it on the afternoon of the 28th or the 29th.

      Kx will come with so if you want to bring your young'uns and the wife up there we could have a mini- Cypress area blogshoot...:)

      I like the range by the house okay, but I go to Shiloh after work once a week (for the most part) and i'm about to start tactical classes there next week.

  2. I didn't get Molly her's until she was 10, but she began shooting at 9.

  3. While that sounds awesome I will be dragging my but through a dust bowl this weekend. I will be in Midland for work. The primary reason why I didn't attempt to be out of town two weekends is a row without the fam. Even if one is work.


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