Monday, April 16, 2012

Nope, Still not quite right

Still working on down sizing portions in the empty nester phase of life.  That's two zucchini, one butter squash, thinly sliced, and a handful of fresh green beans sauteing in olive oil, garlic and some crushed red pepper.
It's still too much.  This was topped with a lean garlic and basil meat sauce.
The Lovely Belle requested the left overs to take for lunch tomorrow, so I still count it as a win.
I'm still trying to shake a portioning mind set that comes from two generations back.


  1. It's just not right for a Father to start cooking for two. Just sayin'.

  2. This Clean Eater approves of this post.


  3. I think that I've been insulted??? He's a better cook than me..... well that's not entirely true, I am a good cook..... He likes to cook more than me..... well okay that's not true either.... He doesn't mind cooking as much as I mind it........

    Close enough

  4. Dinner plus lunch out of one meal? Perfect!

  5. kx, we've been trying to do this for twenty years. Dinner and lunch is as close as we can get. Maybe it's meant to be.

    P.S. Been in Freeport for two days. Still trying to get to the beach.

  6. @CoolChange: Even twenty minutes staring at the surf will do good things for you. Hope you can make the time.


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