Thursday, April 12, 2012

Apparently, I'm Wicked Smaht? Who'd a thunk it?

Okay so my last post about my gun cleaning meditation on Easter Sunday scored like this
Good to know that I write with more complexity than most authors of fiction out there.

Number of characters (without spaces) : 2,645.00
Number of words : 657.00
Number of sentences : 25.00
Average number of characters per word : 4.03
Average number of syllables per word : 1.40
Average number of words per sentence: 26.28

Indication of the number of years of formal education that a person requires in order to easily understand the text on the first reading
Gunning Fog index : 13.80

Approximate representation of the U.S. grade level needed to comprehend the text :
Coleman Liau index : 6.77
Flesch Kincaid Grade level : 11.22
ARI (Automated Readability Index) : 10.67
SMOG : 11.83

Flesch Reading Ease : 61.44 


  1. Yeah, I know what I'm going to be doing today...

  2. Welcome to the "Wicked Smaht" club.

    And your "Drunks with pointy things" category probably pulled down your score a bit. ;-)


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