Thursday, April 26, 2012

Really TAMU?

My Alma mater, Texas A&M penalizes, rather severely I might add, a student because he went to Vegas and got drunk. His picture wound up in an AP news story, on the "hangover bus" [my term], a mobile EMT unit that treats tourists suffering from excessive alcohol consumption.
I graduated from A&M 30 years ago. Holey crap...Class of '82, Whoop! and all that bullshit. I was one of the 95% of students classified as two percenters.
I digress.
So Apparently over the last 30 years, the administration of A&M was completely unaware of the Dixie Chicken.  On any given week night, it was a block party, mardi gras and carnivaaaal all rolled into one, that spilled out into the street. Across the street from the main campus.
Around my junior year, Playboy magazine rated most of the major universities in this great country on their beer drinking ability. (I only read it for the articles)
Playboy magazine excluded Texas A&M from the rankings giving the school professional status. I am not making this up.
There were 50,000 students on the main campus my last year there. Multiply that by 30. A large majority  of the students were doing and have done over the past 30 years exactly what Justin Newman did, across the street, within walking distance of the dorm. Justin traveled half way across the country to sew some wild oats, far, far away from campus and he gets singled out and hosed.
Jack asses. Holier than thou Hypocrites.
A&M sends me email all the time looking for money. I just delete them.
I can't believe what they have done to this kid over this. I may respond to the next email with a few terse words.  Probably won't get any email from them for a while after that.


  1. Let's see, Bonfire is gone, drunks in Vegas bad--drunks across the street equal future alumnus donation sources, Yell Leader controversies over political correctness, amok amok amok.

    My alma mater (Texas Tech) is doing its own stupid crap, of which what some asshat students did to the A&M fleet busses last year in Lubbock sealed the deal for me.

    I sent my Ex-Students association card back to them--been a member (and more importantly, a DONOR) for more than 25 years. Told them if they couldn't control the student body any better than that while not affording any respect, protection or apologies to the A&M folks, then I'd damn well find another university to (financially) support.

    My (adopted) daughter wanted to go to Tech in the worst sort of way, but I was always hesitant. I'll send her to junior/community college first for the primary subjects, then we'll look for a college that still has some decent ethics and morals rather than the double-standards we're seeing so much of today.

    I do feel your pain, even though you bled maroon and me black and red.

    It's ridiculous.


  2. I am currently attending, and you wouldn't believe the outrage going on here. Granted I'm not yet 21, I've been to my fair share of Harry's outings and Dixie Chicken Ring dunks. The bonfire thing is what's aggravating most of the population right now. It's no longer a school event, and they are still trying to make it illegal. As much as I love this school, it's the people I love. Not the administration.

    1. Thank you for that comment BlueEyedBaby. It focused my animus in the appropriate direction. My pissy reaction to this was a bit too broad til until your input.

  3. Know what I miss?... The Cow Hop. Back when it was tucked in right beside the Dixie Chicken with Dudley's. I've never been much of a drinker, but damn. The Cow Hop had the best chili cheese nachos on the planet.

    1. Paladin, I'd completely forgotten about the Cow Hop and Dudley's. Belle and I might have to take a day trip back up to College Station just so I can refresh my memory. She's always wanted to see bottle cap alley.

  4. Awww, the Chicken. Many good memories there.

  5. So many Aggies! How awesome.

    While I'm not an Aggie myself, I've always loved A&M so much so that I married an Aggie.

    AOA - No worries, we forgive ya for being from Tech.. ;)


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