Friday, April 20, 2012

Well...I guess not

Left work early today to run some errands in preparation for the blog shoot tomorrow. One task was to do an oil change on the tC.
Weather report said rain, but no flooding...60% chance. Light showers they said.
So I was in the house doing a bit of blog surfing waiting for the tC engine to cool down to something below scalding oil temperature used for medievil seige defense when what did I hear?
Clank...Clank...Clank. As Forest Gump would describe it, "BIG Ole RAIN"  hitting the chimney cap. In short order the Oleander in the back yard started doing its hurricane dance. Then the crack sounds started coming at the windows. Hail? Really?  Not good, means serious updrafts, which means potential for tornadoes.
The first half of the street leading into our block flooded over the curbs. The only other times I've seen it do that was during Tropical Storm Allison and Hurricane Ike.
So, I guess the oil change waits until Sunday after the blog shoot.
This storm extends up through the Dallas area. I hope it didn't rain this bad up there. Looks like the last 1/4 mile into the shoot location is a dirt road.
I don't know how my little rollerskate of a car will handle that....yet.
Damn, and I just washed it last weekend too.
It's 4:10pm as I type. It will be interesting to see what time I'm actually able to post this.
The 'lectricity is out so I'm typing this blog post on a text editer on what's left of my laptop batt


  1. LOL

    Both the Mrs. and me left our boots at home, so I may have mud up to my knees. Don't care - gonna shoot me a Rainbow Unicorn. See you there!

  2. Oh no, the battery vampires got KX59! Luckily there are lots of reinforcements coming to help him tomorrow...


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