Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top Shot - Season 4 April 3rd

Well tonight was a pretty good show.  The red team with their teamwork won the challenge and Gaby was perceived as a threat by the blue team and had to sit out.  This was a Top Shot first.  A woman has never been sat out before.  Heck, I don't think that a lady shooter has made it this far on Top Shot.

Little did the blue team know, Gaby in this even, had a hard time shooting the revolver double action,, she could only do single action which might have slowed the team down.  The revolvers that they used were really nice, one was a Webley and the other escapes my memory at the moment.

The teams had moving targets of jars hanging in wood frames.  The team that busted all their jars first won.  The blue team could not function as a team.  The red team did.

So now, they are in the green shirt phase, which is every man for himself.  I'm hoping that Gaby can hang in there for a little while longer or better yet, win.  She has a great attitude and she's a good shot.

Next week, they are going for a long target and I think that they may be bringing back George.  Remember George?  Total hottie who was a total asshole from Season 2.....    or so we thought.  He was an asshole up until he threw the competition so that Chris could win it, though George has never confirmed for certain that's what he did.


  1. I was a little bummed Terry went home, not Chris. I haven't been terribly impressed with Chris all season.

    I'm really interested to hear if Mr Chicklets ( Colby ) talks to George about throwing the competition in his year.

    1. Oooo that would be good.. and LOL Mr. Chicklets... lol

      I don't think that George will say whether or not he threw it out of respect for the guy who won it (Chris I think??)

      George was the asshole with a heart.. lol

      God he's hot though.

    2. I wouldn't throw him out of bed for eating crackers...unless he was better on the floor. :wink:

  2. Both revolvers were Webley Mk. VI's, just one was blued (Red Team's) and one was nickel plated (Blue Team's).

    And I was really pulling for Terry to get that seventh hit.


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