Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A darkness has spread it's pall across the blogosphere

A few of my favorite bloggers have gone dark.  Some of their blogs are still online, but they haven't posted in quite some time. Some have been removed entirely.  I was invited by the Lovely Belle to contribute to her blog.  I never had any delusions of creating the next Drudge Report. I consider myself the court jester of BAR.  I fire off a good post every now and then, but those are the anomalies. Being the dilettante blogger that I am, I've hit blogger burn out more times in my short blogging "career" than you can shake a stick at.
It is highly (highly)  unlikely that I'm going to make a blog post that is picked up by the major nooos networks, or even the big time Bloggers.  I'm not going to change the opinions of rabid liberals.
I'm not going the show anyone the error of their ways or their thinking.
What I have done via my blogging is to find a community. Like minded bloggers all over this great land.
I like reading your blogs about the minutia of life. I like reading your rants. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't.
 I have 4 kids, all grown now. My cars break down. I have guns. I don't have a tractor but wish I did. I would love to live on acreage in the country, but I don't.  Sometimes life is briefly really good, sometimes it really sucks. Money runs out and life really really sucks.
 I guess the point I'm getting to is that you never know the impact the "mundane" post you made yesterday might have on someone out there.  A long not thought of memory of your grandmother canning spiced peaches perhaps. You never know.


  1. It does seem like quite a few people are taking a break.
    I have not been saying much as of late.
    It's funny how life gets in the way.
    Putting in way too much time at work and chasing 3 kids around to practices, games, competitions, and scout meetings all stacked up leaves little time for those outside the 4 walls we live in.

  2. I write when I feel like it, and when something pops into my mind. Thus people get at least my one thought a day, but sometimes I have more than one thought...

    It would probably be good for me to slow down a little bit...

  3. I had this same thought last week. I,too, like peeking in on someones life and seeing their take on things.

  4. Teke, life is what fuels blog posts. You are just queuing up the next five or so.
    Bluesun, if the post ideas just come to you, and you don't feel a pressure or obligation to post, I don't see any need to back off. Besides, I like reading your short quips.
    CoolChange, you completely validated my post. Thanks Man.

  5. It's like a slow motion twitter...


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