Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fuel pumps and O rings

Hmmm, let's see, who makes those? I might be investing in those companies soon.

EPA approves E15 gasoline.
Great article at American Thinker. Peter Wilson covers pretty much all the pros and cons (mostly cons) of E15.
I remember when E10 gas came in to being. It does bad things to rubber seals in the fuel system. Mechanics were making money hand over fist replacing fuel pumps and fuel system components. Eventually the auto manufacturers adjusted and the problems dissipated. So now that everything's better, let's ratchet things up a notch. That's sure to make things better squared, right?
One of my favorite passages from the article:
"The EPA is also preparing signage and information campaigns to warn owners of older vehicles about E15. On March 2, the EPA released an "E15 Misfueling Mitigation Plan" with directions for "Labeling," "Product Transfer Documentation (PTD)," an Educational Outreach Coalition (E15EOC), and instructions for a "survey plan," in which "samples will be calculated as follows":

I hope that's clear to everyone.
I can't imagine that local gas station owners are excited by the prospect of investing in renovating their pumps to accommodate a fuel that provides fewer miles per gallon and might cause engine damage."
Well I'm certainly not putting it in the '89 beater Astro Van, and frankly I'm not to excited about putting it in the '12 tC either.  If I had a flex-fuel vehicle I wouldn't worry, but the last time I had a mechanic replace a fuel pump it ran me $600.  I learned how to drop a fuel tank and replace the pump myself after that. Even if it takes me 8 hours to do it, I'm ahead of the game.

The fuel pumps at the gas station don't like it either. But, not to worry, the government is there to subsidize pump upgrades from Obama's Magic Stash Taxpayer's money.



  1. Sitting here with a 65, 66, and 71 Mustang along with a 67 Caddy convertible I am not amused.


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