Monday, April 25, 2011

Another of my favorite blogs

Al Fin is so smart, so prolific, and presents his topics so well, I'm not entirely sure he's actually one person.

Al has a post today concerning the situation in Mexico. We have a ubiquitous news black out here in the US on the drug war going on in Mexico. Al posts a link, that I've seen before, and lost track of. If you don't read Spanish, hit the translate link.

We are not getting any of this news north of the border. The northern part of Mexico has turned into Beirut.
This shit has been spilling over the border into South Texas for quite some time now.
And meanwhile, governor Good Hair (Perry) and president Obumble fiddle.
Make no mistake about it, Perry is still in office as governor only because we didn't have a better choice. The field jacket is a hollow crust, and there are no Balls in those tight fittin jeans.
The ten gallon hat might as well have mayflies in it.

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