Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sometimes..crow is palatable

So I thought so many times what a dick George was. Then I made the one line post about what a prick he was.
I just watched the replay of the aftershow and saw that he didn't just intentionally miss one shot, but two. On one hand, I'm glad Chris got the $100k, for his kids. After reflecting some, I'm disturbed that George didn't take it.
This is only the second season for the show? I'm not sure. We picked up on it in the previous season. I recall a comment by BorePatch from last season about how much he disliked one of the competitors.
One piece of advice I have for the producers of the show is that they had better figure out who their audience is pretty quick. I suspect that their audience is not folks that get their panties in a wad if Snooky's tramp stamp shows through her overly low cut white see through dress.
We are coming up on the next season for the show pretty soon. If I see the same middle school drama amongst the competitors again, that may be it for me.
Stack 'em up, let them shoot, weed them out and let's see some really remarkable shots.

So, I got sucked into the drama as well. I've seen a common thread through two seasons. Three establishes a pattern. So I might bail on the shown, calling bullshit.

End of rant.

OR, We could just all have a good time with soap opera aspect of it. After all, I did have quite a good time in the live blog of the last episode


  1. I have to agree with you on the dramatics. I actually discovered this show and pointed it out to North. His first reaction? "Cool gun competition, but the reality show backstabbing part is a turn off."

    And he is right. I could do without that part of the show, entirely.

  2. I have already made my thoughts known on this one. Shoot. Period. Best shot wins. I don't need the real or manufactured back story "DRAMA".

    But I guess you could not make a season of shows for that huh? It would take what, 2 hours of show for that?

  3. I have to say that what George did for Chris was pretty damn impressive. He has bragging rights for this, which might be why he did it.

    I don't particularly care for his personality type, but I have to say the thousand yard hit on the first shot, and tossing $100k to a more deserving friend are damned impressive.

    But this season had WAY too much of the middle school in-crowd vibe going.


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