Wednesday, April 13, 2011


There are certain things that I do that take me back to when I was growing up and things that make me feel my father's presence.

Playing golf is one of those things.  When I get out on the course, I always feel close to dad, but I only play golf once a year maybe twice but I do enjoy it, I just don't take the time.

Recently, I've discovered that being at the range reminds me of dad and makes me feel close to him once again.  I used to go to the range with him when I was a little girl, he was the one that bought my first rifle for my 10th birthday.  It was a sweet little Daisy .22 semi automatic.  I sold it when I had my oldest daughter because I was paranoid about having a gun in the house with a baby (dumb on my part, I'd give up the Tokorev to have that gun back now).

The Tokorev was originally my uncle's then given to my dad and when dad passed away, mom gave it to me.  So I guess the reason that I've been so enthralled with that gun lately is that not only is holding and firing it like having a piece of history at my fingertips, but I've been in awe of that gun ever since I can remember.

My dad used to take it and shoot it at the very gun range where I took it and shot.  I felt him there with me that day and it felt pretty good.  It's really strange how something that's viewed (by idiots) as violent (guns) can be comforting to us in a small way.

I never really realized that when I took that gun out on the range that I would feel that closeness to my father.  Now that I know this, I know that I will go there much more often and I can't wait.

As for today, I'm going to the pistol range again range fees are 1/2 price today starting at 3pm.  I'm going to fire both the M&P and the XDM again.


  1. That was very nice. There is something - nearly a musical tone - that a father plays in his relationship with his child that will again echo at just the right time. Just when needed.

  2. Yes, it is a dichotomy to some that an EVIL object can represent history and tradition as firearms are passed from one generation to another, cherished and loaded with memories.

  3. Sadly, its not the weapon, its the hands and heart that it is entrusted to that possess the violence.. like anything.. when used and not abused gunmanship (for lack of right terminology) can be a great sport and recreation... *smiles* it touched my heart to know that you are able to share this gun with your Father in this way and to have all those cherished memories to recall :)


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