Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Love A Good Yodeler

Being a classic country music fan, I simply love a good yodeler.  There are so many out there from times past.

One of my favorite female singers is Dolly Parton, man she has a set of pipes on her and is such a sweet and 'real' person.  She makes no bones about how she looks and doesn't take herself too seriously.

This is one of my favorite songs by her, she does a little yodeling in it.

Then there is this amazing bit of Yodeling by Jewel of all people, which was a nice surprise.  The video quality isn't great, but the sound is fabulous.  I developed a lot more respect for her after looking at this.

And then there's this person that I had never heard of but wow, she can really yodel!

And last but not least, there's this classic from Patsy Montana, the original female yodeler!

Okay, this kind of music isn't everyone's cup of tea, I get it; however, even the most unseasoned musical ear, you have to admit that a voice that is an instrument as beautiful as these ladies' is quite a remarkable thing.

Back to you regularly scheduled program.

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  1. If you still feel the need for it, I suggest here:
    http://www.oldfiddlersconvention.com/ My parents are "from around there". There was a club there way back when that was the place to be in the '80's. Three levels and pretty much what you would expect from a nightclub then. The only thing was they would abruptly at midnight turn all of the lights on and play Rocky Top! You are done! Can't stay here but you don't have to go home!


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