Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top Shot......

My better half wants us to live blog during Top Shot tonight, so I hope that folks will join us. Should be fun....

16 minutes and counting till showtime!


  1. My tv is in one room, my computer in the other...but I'll be watching. You may hear quite some strong language coming from Maryland if George takes it. I'll be so mad!

  2. My hottie wife and I watch Top Shot while drinking Guinness and Kahlua up on the couch in my bedroom. Too far from my PC to be watching you blog live.

    I can't type drunk, anyway.

    Otherwise I'd join you.

    Go Chris!

  3. Yes Drinking and typing is tough!!!

  4. @Belle- Not for trained professionals, LOL!

  5. Well true enough, though my better half might say that I qualify as a pro in that department...

  6. she cheats, she'll drink one to your two...


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