Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Back from the range.  I started with the Springfield XDM and decided to just stick with that one today.  I really do like the way that gun feels in my hands and the results are good as well.

A vast improvement over my last time though my higher shots weren't so good.  Either way I am quite pleased.

On another note, I held one of the 4th generation Glocks and that had a nice feel to it.  They didn't have any to rent at that place, so I might have to try somewhere else but I'm interested in that as well.  Glock has such a great reputation for reliability and they're very easy to fire.

Decisions, decisions wonder if the hubby would be too upset if I just got one of each?  Ha!  I think that would be a given. 


  1. Ah, another fan of the QEB target. So am I! Nice work out there!

  2. You'll have to change your nic to DWB..Dual Wielding Belle, and then drag a mattress into the barn.

    [I need a frowny face pic to got with these]

  3. p.s.
    that is one dead milk bottle


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