Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just how big IS Texas?

I always laugh when people speak of an hour non-stop commute somewhere to be 'too far' of a drive.  

Growing up in Texas, an hour's drive is nothing, though it won't get you very far across the state percentage wise.

How big is Texas?  Well let's not get all caught up in square miles, etc. etc. etc.  Allow me to speak of it in terms of driving.

If you start out in Jacksonville Florida on I-10 and let's say that you want to drive all the way to Los Angeles, CA, when you hit Houston Texas after about a 13.5 hour drive, you are a little more than half way to LA.

Now, suppose that you stop in Houston and now you're heading West on I-10 your halfway point to LA is now El Paso, Texas, which is another 10.5 hour drive or so., then from El Paso to LA is 11.5 hours.  

If you drive on I-10 from the Texas/Louisiana border to El Paso, you will be on the road for about 12 hours (if you drive straight through).

Now, going from Brownsville, Texas (the very south most tip of Texas) to the northern most Texas town, Perryton, you will be on the road for close to 14 hours.

Now, remember, the speed limit in Texas is for the most part 70mph....   that's pretty far....   Texas is huge!


  1. Hi Belle-
    Having made several trips across, through and around Texas, I'm here to tell you that one shouldn't just drive around Texas willy-nilly...
    It's a big-ass state, and there are stretches of highway out there that, if you break down, it's a long walk back to "civilization".
    (Yeah, people are nice and will offer you a ride, but you don't want to be bummin' a ride at 1:30 AM... Axe murderers LOVE 1:30 AM)
    Also to consider: I've never made it completely across Texas in one day's drive. Bound by DOT Hours of Service limitations, it is impossible to get from one side to the other (I-20 / I-10) within legal limits. You've got ten or 11 hours, depending on your method of time accounting, and with in-city delays and leg stretching during gas stops, that's not enough time to get form border to border. (Most of my 7 drives from Jax to LA were in Company vehicles.)
    And doing Jax-LA-Jax via I-10 on a motorcycle is possible, but not a good idea (Done it, hated it).

    As they say, Don't Mess With Texas.



  2. Well North, make sure you stay away from my really big numbers post...heh


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