Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top Shot -The after show

So... did George throw it or not.
the miss with the pistol at 25 feet, with the largest target he could chose, to put Chris back in the running?
I really hate it when my preconceptions get proven false.
As Colby said, "what just happened?"


  1. I just saw it on the DVR (I can say "saw" legally. I am from the south). Yes he did and I have to think there is still a bit of orchestrated drama for us in there. Still, the second season to me was better than the first. Less drama in the house and more shooting and drama on the range.

  2. I missed part of the 'after' show because I came here to say HI.

    Looking forward to your next live blog!

  3. I taped the after show - I'll watch it tonight. Did George throw it? You know, I'm not sure. In the end, I wanted Chris to win, and he did. The live blogging is fantastic - just wish I could have been here to participate. Stoopid computer in the wrong room...

  4. just read through the comments... I don't have portal yet but I hear it's good :)


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