Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just in........ Obama Provides Birth Certificate

I've always held the opinion that the Republicans (and now the Donald) had bigger fish to fry. Lots of reason to not like the Queen.

And as usual the Queen is attacking the Republicans for focusing on his birth. He conveniently forgets that when Bush was in office, they focused on his possible drug use, etc. etc.

God what a hypocrite, I wonder if the MSM will call him out on this? Of course not.

He says that we have better things to do, other things to do than focus on this 'silliness'.

That begs the question did this birth certificate issue interrupt a much needed wanted vacation again?


  1. This was never a real issue. Mr. Obama travelled on a U.S. Passport long before he became famous. This requires a U.S. birth certificate to obtain.
    The issue will now morph to what the definition of 'natural born' is.
    We should be focusing on his numerous violations of his Oath. But, that's just my opinion.

  2. We'll see what happens with that birth certificate. Hopefully the same guys that debunked the fake Bush document that finally tanked dan rather's career will go to town on it.


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